Yes, you are reading right. Nowadays, a non-animator person can also make animated videos as per their own choice and desire. Now maybe you are thinking about how it can be possible, how this thing can be done without proper knowledge of animation and high-quality software. No need to worry here you, you have me who can explain each and everything in detail.
All you need to do is read carefully and find all your solutions here in this article to gain proper knowledge and applied as all I mentioned here. And no need to worry, this article will not go for much longer. I will try my best to explain these short tricks with few lines that can be easy for you to understand everything in detail. So let’s start just by above-mentioned following points.

  1. First, you need to download software. (downloaded link mentioned below of this article)

  2. After download, you need to log in to your account.

  3. Now click on create animation.

  4. This software contents inbuilt all that instruction which you will need to make an ideal animation. Don’t forget to follow that instruction.

    That’s it, now it’s done. If you are still confused, then no need to worry. You can read this FAQ, which will be helpful to answer few more common questions.