Self Publishing Platform for the Writers


STEP - 1

A writer can start with a simple Sign up process. 


STEP - 2

After completing the sign-up process, you will get a confirmation link in your provided email. Click on that confirmation link so you can confirm your account.


STEP - 3

After confirming your account, you can log in to our website from the login page.


STEP - 4

After login, you will be able to access the writer zone section. From the writer zone section, you can create your post from the "create post" option.


STEP - 5

On the "create post" page, you can create your post. Don't forget to complete all required options like title, post tags, post categories, etc. options before submitting the post.


STEP - 6

After submission of your post, we will check your post. If your post is as per our terms & conditions, then we will approve it.

Benifits for the writer

  • With the help of this website, you can share your content anywhere. In this way, you can represent your work samples to the others.
  • If we get clients related to your writing topics and niches, we will contact you through our official email, i.e., [email protected], and for this, we will pay you money.
  • The writer can add affiliate links to their post and earn money from it.
  • The writer can add relevant youtube video links to the post. In this way, writers can gain watch hours on youtube and also have a chance to get subscribers.

Basic Terms & Conditions for the writer

1- We don’t allow copy-paste content. We have software, as well as we will manually check this thing. If any writer is submitting copy-paste writing content from somewhere else, we will have the right to reject their writing content. We will delete their account too.

2- The writer must provide a grammatically correct post. Otherwise, we can reject the post. 

3- The writer will not be allowed to put any link or ad code in the posts or content. Otherwise, we will reject the post or content. 

4- Post contents should not be vulgar or inappropriate.

5- We do not allow posts related to religious, political, pornography, or sexually related content

6- The writer must use copyright-free or licensed images in their feature image, content, or post. Copyright-free images can download from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash websites. 

7- The writer is not allowed to pay post, ad post, guest post, or irrelevant website links and offers in the post or content.

8- The writer is not allowed to add any personal information, mobile numbers, or social website links to the post.

9- The writer must agree to follow all our terms & conditions as mentioned on this page and our terms & conditions page.